How to Use the 3D Viewer

Welcome to Voyager, the Smithsonian’s online 3D viewing platform! Read below for a brief walkthrough of the different tools and information you will find.

Armstrong space suit


Click the icons to the left to explore.

Webpage showing popup information

Interactive Tours

Interactive Tours are curated walkthroughs of the scene. This is a great place to start when getting to know an object! 

Webpage showing a picture of a story associated with 3D object

Read More

Read More articles give you in-depth information about an object. 

Web page showing a 3D image with notes / annotations around the object

Show/Hide Annotations

Annotations are clickable information points on the surface of the object.

Share Experience

Share Experience give you social media links and an embed code for sharing the 3D scene on your web page.

Image of a space suit

Tools and Settings: View

The Tools and Settings icon gives you a selection of tools at the bottom of the screen that allow you to explore your scene in different ways. View options allow you to change the perspective and direction by which you view the scene.

Space suit displayed using a different material

Tools and Settings: Material

Material options allow you to change the material of the 3d object you are exploring.

Tools and Settings: Environment

Environment options allow you to adjust the background color and add a ground plane with a grid.

Space suit

Tools and Settings: Lights

Lights options allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting on the object and add more dramatic lighting to bring out surface details.

Measuring the on-screen American flag on the space suit

Tools and Settings: Measure

Measure allows you to pin two points on the surface of the object and measure the distance between them.

Cross section of the 3D image of the space suit

Tools and Setting: Slice

Slice allows you to create a cutting plane on the x, y, or z axis of the object and drag it around to see cross sections of its 3d form.